Hi. I’ve been trying some new things for a small project. crossing_national


Thursday March 13 2014 illustrations

Hi. He’s a gentle soul.


Friday February 7 2014 illustrations

Starting tomorrow, the Arludik Gallery is hosting a new show titled Merveilleux! for which I did a small ink piece. The show explores classic tales and legends, features a lot of awesome people and will ultimately be published in book form by CFSL Ink.

And so I did a minotaur. Because horns.


Also I will never draw anything with a .01 pen again. Ever.

Wednesday October 2 2013 illustrations

Some warmp-up sketches from the other day.


And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see if Trevor is still laying in his underwear on the beach, next to this dead cow.

Wednesday September 25 2013 illustrations

Yeah, well, it’s been some time.


I really need to stop drawing people hanging out in the desert. I probably have fifty of these by now.
The car is something new though.

Other than that, I made a new website/portfolio thing.

And I have a tumblr now too, because all the cool kids do.

Monday August 19 2013 illustrations

A quick one for fun while listening to Warpaint.


I also drew Donnie the other day. And I know he’s supposed to only have three fingers. Childhood memories are fading, people.


Wednesday December 19 2012 illustrations

My life has become a long, agonizing wait for Pacific Rim. In the meantime, I draw stuff. gentle_time_s gentle_time_farneze In other news, I received Treasure Chest, by Sam Bosma (a gentleman, and a scholar). Happiness ensued.

Treasure Chest, by Sam Bosma Treasure Chest, by Sam Bosma

Tuesday December 18 2012 illustrations

Hi. A cover I did for Marvel some time ago.


And some of the preliminary roughs (some of them being better than the final illo, but hey).






Thursday December 13 2012 illustrations

Lunch break while listening to MOON.



In other news, I was lucky to see a few of my images included in the gorgeous Prime book, next to wonderful people, such as Tom Scholes and Marek Denko. So that’s nice.

black tar

black tar

Monday November 26 2012 illustrations


Thursday November 22 2012 illustrations

Hi. Working on stuff, listening to M83.

carey_nb_s carey_s

Also, Chronicles is a fantastic movie. I’ll have to do something about it some day.

Thursday October 4 2012 illustrations

Hi. It’s been some time, but I’ve been busy doing some cool stuff. And also playing Super Meat Boy. Again. And again. I’m just leaving this here.


With some HEALTH.

Monday October 1 2012 illustrations

So I finally watched Drive.


Now let’s go back to the things that really matter, such as crying in front of everything Sam Bosma.

Wednesday February 15 2012 illustrations


Thursday December 1 2011 illustrations

Hi. I wanted to draw a guy going boom.


Some of my images are now available as prints on Inprnt. These are hi-def giclées printed on 100% cotton rag paper using Epson inks.


Overall quality is really rock star tier: prints are matt, colors are spot-on and the printing method adheres to archival standards, so they’ll last years (think of your grand-children: you know they want these prints).

Thanks a lot to those who already bought one, you absolutely made my day :)

Wednesday October 5 2011 illustrations