Hi. Working on stuff, listening to M83.

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Also, Chronicles is a fantastic movie. I’ll have to do something about it some day.


  1. stef says:

    J’aime beuacoup ton style et suis content de voir une nouvelle publication sur ton blog. Chronicles j’ai bien aimer dommage que les perso soi un peu convenue ( ce son des ados donc moins complexe qu’un adulte , mais bon dommage).

  2. Dahia says:

    please upload more! i just LOVE your work! it hurts to see so little of your amazing illustrations T___T

  3. Guillem says:

    Love your work man! really awesome style!
    I always wonder if you line art is digital, ink, or something else, what is it?

  4. Peter Oedekoven says:


  5. guillaume says:

    Stef: Merci :)

    Dahia: Wow, thanks a lot. I’ll try and update more then. I’ve got some more stuff to post.

    Guillem: Hey, thanks a lot. It’s all digital these days, because I’m quite lazy. A few years ago, there was still a lot of pencil work involved, which I’d scan and color in Photoshop. But at some point, I had to get faster, and I just started drawing directly with my Wacom.

    Peter: Merci!

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