Becker Wayman

A quick one for fun while listening to Warpaint.


I also drew Donnie the other day. And I know he’s supposed to only have three fingers. Childhood memories are fading, people.



  1. Sukh says:

    Awesome. I’m jelous of how you put together figures, inject personality into their gestures and finish them off with wonderfully harmonised colours.

    I had no idea you were featured in Prime, reason enough for me to spend more on art books.

  2. guillaume says:

    Jealous? Man, you have to know how many times I looked at your illos for inspiration (without being vocal about it though, which is not great). The compositions always kill me.
    So thanks a lot for the compliments. Back at you.

  3. fUNKy says:

    Super boulot!
    Trop de choix pour mon wallpaper… T_____T
    Pi faut qu’on parle de ta venue ici mon cher… Uiuiui

  4. I just love how sharp your linework is, it has such a great quality! Fantastic work

  5. Frank Hong says:

    Fantastic style! wow you know i’d kill to have your lines. mmmm. dem delicious lines!

  6. guillaume says:

    Haha, thanks a lot for that :D

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