(clic, clic)

Saturday October 17 2009 illustrations

Wednesday October 7 2009 illustrations

Redhead avec une jupe trop courte – check.
Hectolitres de sang, bidoche, zombies – check.
Rollers (la caution “je suis jeune, je suis frais, je me donne à fond t’as vu”) – check.
Smoothies à l’orange (honnêtement, je préfère fraise/banane mais ça se détachait mal sur le fond) – check.
Pers abusée, bras trop courts, jambes trop longues – check.
BG pas “vide”, non, non; je préfère que tu dises “épuré” s’il te plait, merci – check.

(clique donc : en grand, ça fait plus de sang)

Je vous laisse avec Kings of Power 4 Billion %, parce qu’on est large.

12 minutes de bonheur. En pixels.

Tuesday June 2 2009 illustrations

Wednesday February 25 2009 illustrations

Ruby Woo’s gun was hard and cold on Thornton’s cheek. Cold as a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon, but less enjoyable.
Ruby pressed the trigger. Thornton Gray hissed and did what heroes and mysterious yet loveable detectives going on their forties do when facing this kind of situation.

(clic -> grand, you know the drill)

A split second later, he was still alive and Ruby was knocked out on the floor, harmless, weaponless, sexy as hell.

“Damn, he thought, a beer would be nice indeed.”

Wednesday January 28 2009 illustrations

Thornton Gray stared in disbelief as his blood started pouring from his stomach. Why, ho why had he trusted Jessica Considine?

“Thornton. Just the man I was killing to see.”

He put one knee to the ground and found it not only damp from his own blood, but also soft and warm to the touch. Nice as it seemed, Thornton’s acute senses, racing through the complex yet incredibly tidy maze of his synapses, soon realised it was because the floor was made of carpet.
Thornton clenched its teeth: he was allergic to acarids.

This was the worst day of his life.

Saturday January 10 2009 illustrations

Et n’oubliez pas de faire vos lacets, ce serait dommage de se prendre les pieds dedans.

(le torse de l’infini! … facepalm)

Et un jour, je soignerai mon obsession des redheads. Et des chaussettes rayées.
Un jour.
Ho, well. *shrug*

Thursday November 27 2008 illustrations

Bon, c’est vraiment du vite fait (comme dans “un quart-d’heure vite fait”), et je vais sans doute lui trouver encore plus de défauts demain matin, mais bon.

Pas envie de dormir.

Wednesday October 29 2008 illustrations

(et rien à voir, mais j’ai encore (encore) raté mansfield tya. encore T____T)

Sunday October 26 2008 illustrations